About us

Montevideo Film Locations is an Office charged with receiving, processing and coordinating filming permits for cinema, television, and propaganda that are to be deployed throughout the city.
With the following functions:

  • Advise on the search for locations
  • Provide information on the locations characteristics, appicable regulations and tariffs
  • Draw attention to the filming procedures
  • Liaise with other administrative units and private companies in order to facilitate permit management procedures
  • Promote a constant, fluent coordination with other individuals whithin the audiovisual scene.

As a management office, it aims to assist the audiovisual sector, to promote its activity and to make Montevideo and Uruguay worldwide known as a location of filmic realisations. Through its Montevideo Audiovisual Partner Programme this office contributes to the development of Uruguayan cinema and audiovisual productions by using returnable contributions of money in order to promote artistic projects. It also stimulates the diffusion of quality cinematographic and audiovisual contents, thus supporting the development and management of festivals as well as national and international exhibitions within the city.

In the face of the increasing development in the audiovisual sector in Uruguay, this Office works to build a relationship where efforts be joined in the search for strengthening the national audiovisual industry. At the same time it seeks for the best co-existence of the audiovisual activity and the daily activities of the city and its neighbours.


Gisella Previtali - Lead Coordinator

Gabriela González - Project Production Manager, Communications Officer, Montevideo Audiovisual Partner Progamme Officer, Shooting Permits Manager

Soledad Sasso - Shooting Permits Manager, Administrator, Financial Officer, Statistician

Fabiana Carrabs - Shooting Permits Manager, Administrator 

Pierina Casaña - Grantholder - LICCOM-UDELAR

Tatiana Burgos - Grantholder - LICCOM-UDELAR